Fez Guide is a company situated in Fez city, it arranges trips in the Interior of Fez Medina, and at the same it organized Fes excursions to other Moroccan cities.

Our company has a coherent team of Moroccan Drivers with a rich cultural heritage, an educational level, French/English speakers, and with a very sense of feeling pride to belong to Moroccan Country.

Our program includes many excursions: Day Trip from Fez to Casablanca and passing through a huge number of cities, there is Fez Guided Tours from Fez to Chefchaouen, Fez Travel Guide from Fez to the Middle Atlas, Day Trip from Fez to Friouato Cave in Taza, one Day trip from Fez to Rabat…etc.  And In each program we visit many Moroccan cities in our way.

Our company helps you dear clients to choose the program you wish according to your time, taste, your money and the places you want to discover. It can also help you to make your own program if you don’t like the previous planning, containing the places you are willing to visit and the days/ nights you are going to pass.

All what you need to do is to inform us with what you want, and our agency promises you for something special and well-organized which surely will please your wishes and make your dreams a reality.

Our company’s goals and dreams are to make a comfortable, well-organized, professional and educational Tours in Morocco, as well as to make our Moroccan culture much known and be open to other different cultures and traditions, so that to protect nice relationships between Morocco and the other countries from all over the world.

So, feel free and Contact us for Fes Excursions that will be unforgettable either you’re a family, a couple, or individuals.