Fes is considered to be as one of the most charming cities in Fes, it is also one of the oldest cities that all tourists may want to visit because there are so much interesting places to be visited.

FEZ CITY TOURS is a service that helps the tourist in discovering new cities with its wonderful local life, costume, traditions, and native foods and so one.

Fes guide offers you many activities through the program of FES MEDINA TOURS that let you investigate the aspects of Moroccan People such as their cultures, attitudes, and legacy. FES MEDINA WALKING TOURS in case you are really interested in discovering the amazing places in Fes. Like, al-
Qarawiyyin Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Africa, also the two very famous museums, SIDI AHMED TIJANI, and Molay Driss, Attarine School and Bouanania School, it is clear that you will enjoy being there surrounded by fascinating places.

FEZ MEDINA TOURS will help you to discover the gardens and rampart that has a very charming sight, as well as going to visit the legacy left by the Jewish that used to live in Fes in a well-known place called Mellah which is considered as one of the main frequented activity will help to know everything related to the Moroccan life, their souks, streets, language, hospitality and above all you will visit the shops that show you the way handicraft things are made, you can see all the process without interruption, also this tour will give them access to buy pieces of stuff in case you are interested in it.