Fes Medina Architecture Day Tour


Fes Medina guides Team introduces an interesting tour package for an unusual Fes Medina walking day tour. Through this Fes tour, we will discover the wonders of Fes Medina architecture.

Full Description:

The day trip of Architecture in Fez Medina that involves discovering the beauty of architectures that exist in Fez Medina as well knowing about its history, our professional will be ready to give you any information you need concerning the architecture that you will visit during the trip At 9:30 in the morning our team will pick you from you location to begin an adventure through tile and history Our first stop is going to be in Al Batha Museum, where you will discover the views of fountains of tiles beside wood carvings, iron, writings with gypsum.

Following that we will stop by a Riad to see the fascination of houses architecture and decorations, we will rest for a while having a pleasing cup of Moroccan traditional Tea, then we will continue towards the Blue Gate Bab Bou Jeloud this Gate contains the Moorish architectural forms and tiles patterns.

Afterwards, we will pay a visit to the Islamic school Bounania Madrasa, which is famous for involving unusual architecture, like gypsum, wood carvings, and designed tiles that present the Arabic and Islamic culture, as well as being the only madrasa in Fes with a minaret.

Next, we will go through the old Medina streets towards the Najjarin square that contains photogenic Moroccan
architecture, that we can find it in the water fountain and the beside Museum that contains ancient tools used by Artisans.

We will progress to the most religious point in the Old Medina which is Molay Idriss Quarter, that contains the tomb of the man who builds the most of the Medina, just through the door, you can see the breath whelming ceiling with different colorful gypsum, wood and tiles. Not to forget the surrounding relaxing perfumes.

Our next destination to see more of Fes architecture wonders would be the eldest University in Africa University of al
Qarawiyyin which was established 1159 years ago. The architecture is captivating with its columns and arches in plain white and green rooftops.

Then we will head towards Chouara Tannery with exceptional traditional architecture in numerous stone vessels filled with the different colors of dyes. We will end our day tour for architecture with The School of Charatine you will definitely enjoy the Moorish architecture of carved wood with quotes from the sacred Quran verses and faded tiles that take the visitors back to an ancient Era.

What’s include


  • Professional guide, English Speaker.

What’s Not Included

  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • The entry of the monuments.