The University and the Mosque of EL Quaraouiyin

The University and the mosque of El Quaraouiyin is one of the oldest universities in the world existed in Fes. It’s a religious school founded by Fatima EL Fihri in 859. And it’s remarked to be one of the most important spiritual and educational universities of the Islamic World; as students from all over Morocco and Africa were coming to take lessons in this rich university, lessons of all subjects: Physics, Mathematics, Islamic Lessons, Grammar, Art, Law, English, French… and more. The subjects taught in the university are all offered in a very traditional way, in which students are positioned in a semi-circle named Halqua around their teacher. When entering the Mosque, the floors are covered in red mats, the walls and the arches are plain white, the decoration and method of construction everything is done in an incredible artistic way.

Fes Royal Palace or Dar EL Mekhzen

The Royal Palace or what is called Dar El Mekhzen is used by the current king to settle in when coming to Fes; it has attractive mosques, gardens and an old school for taking Koranic lessons. But unluckily the visitor could not enter because its doors are not open to the public; you can just enjoy seeing its golden doors and take some pictures. These seven doors are decorated with well-designed and golden knockers; all these things make you imagine how lovely will be the palace from the inside.

The Jewish Quarter

The Jewish quarter of El Melah is situated in the Middle of Fes, between Fes El Bali and the New City; established in 1438 and it is a very special place in Morocco as it separated the Jewish society from the predominant Islamic societies. While walking among EL Melah’s streets, you see the Moroccan clothes especially the very traditional of them like Caftans, Djellabas, and Belgha…etc. The Jewish Quarter is also armed in the evening to guarantee the safety of people and tourists.

Bab Boujloud (The Blue Gate)

Bab Boujloud is the best place for you to explore when visiting Fes; this Monumental Gate was constructed by the French in 1913 and it is done in a continual place for people, donkeys and mules to facilitate the passage. When you make an outside looking, you see two minarets which every detail on them is done with charming ornamentation. Additionally, there are plenty of cafe-restaurants where the visitor can have a rest and drink a Moroccan cup of tea, or eat diverse Moroccan food.

School El Attarine

Madrassa EL Attarine is an ancient Koranic school in Fes. This school was constructed between 1323 and 1325 by Sultan Merinide Abou Said Outman and it is situated near to the University of EL Quaraouiyin. This school is very close to a market which is known by the selling of perfumes and spices. Moreover, the Madrassa is a marvelous and a beautiful place; its columns are made with marble and traditional Zelij with its rich decoration of the rectangular gallery courtyard; the most public and the most decorated area with the accommodation of the students from all over Morocco.  Undoubtedly, a visit to Morocco would be not complete without visiting the ancient Medina and Madrassa el Attarine.