Special Fes Souk Half Day Tours

Fes souk

In Fes city, the oldest city in Morocco, enjoy a Half Day Tour in a wide range of Souks (Markets) inside the old Medina of Fes in order to be more closed to life in Morocco and to have a chance  to recognize Moroccan clothes like Djellaba, Caftan, Tekshita, and shoes like Belgha (slipper) in different styles and colors; diverse types of local spices; jewelries, and also delicious food offered either in the street, or in traditional restaurants; like Couscous, Tagine, Hrira, Moroccan salad and tasty sweets like Shebakia and Briwat.

While walking among Fes Souk, you will surely be fascinated by the crowd of people all are buying things, sharing speech, smiling and discussing about things that are offered; there is a non-believable contact between the client and the seller. Also, in your walk you’re going to remark a huge number of handcraft men who have been put in their shop to produce wonderful pottery, handmade carpets and all the traditional arts that make you feel like you are in a glamorous Museum.

Your experience to the Fes Souk (Markets) will be an important thing to see Fez traditions and culture and also to recognize how generous are Moroccan people and also will be your opportunity to buy some souvenirs and take pictures in traditional and popular places.

All in all, Fes Medina is described as a traditional city in all its forms; and a city that still keep its legacy and traditions because everything in this marvelous city make you understand and discover its roots and its old history.

Fes Souk half Day Tour

• Walking among Fes souk.
• Discover Fes Traditions.

Tour Knowledge

• Everyday availability.
• Destination: Full Day Fes City Tour.
• Pickup time: … To….

What’s Included

• Professional guide, English Speaker.

What’s Not Existed

• Meals.
• Transportation.
• The entry of the monuments.

Things to Remember

• In the Old town, the visit is on foot.
• Try to wear comfortable shoes.