Fez Guide is a company situated in Fez city, it arranges trips in the Interior of Fez Medina, and at the same it organized excursions to other Moroccan cities started from Fez.

Fes tours is an amazing opportunity where you can discover a wide range of Souks (markets) to purchase Moroccan shoes, clothing, tasty street food and pottery. Each thing makes you feel that you are in a fascinating Museum.

Actually, Fes tours still keep and secure its legacy, reflected in the landmarks, Medersas, old Mosques and Universities, as in BouInania Medersa, Attarine Medersa, Nejjarine Fondouk and AL Quaraouiyin Mosque which is a home to special Islamic compositions valuable by historians. Additionally, In Fes tours, You will find; Fes Pottery with its special flower and geometric outlines. Furthermore, Fes Tannery, which dependably produces a high quality of leather.

Our Fez guide visits group, is likewise offering the chance to find the conventional baths “Hammam” that obligatory in Fez medina tours. It is a merited opportunity to attempt. “Hammam” prestige is not an absolute necessity, but rather it is a customary method for Moroccan bathing.

In Our Fes tours, Fez guide team also offers Fes Cooking class; it is an exceptional open door by going to Souks and purchases the ingredients you’ll require in cooking. Make your own particular bread and cook your most loved Moroccan dish, with an expert master chef and hosted by a local family. On the other hand, Fez Guide offers Fes shooting photography. It is a major opportunity to figure out how to take proficient photographs, essential basics of photography, and enhancing general methods to help you in shooting professional photos.

So, feel free and Contact us for Fes tours that will be unforgettable either you’re a family, a couple, individuals or a group of friends.