Fez Medina – Fes Full Day Walking Tours

Fez medina : view panoramic

In the Fez Medina we start by a tour outside the Medina after our professional guide takes you from your palace Hotel or Riad in an air- conditioned vehicle. We start by Fes Royal Palace to explore its charming beautiful Golden doors, and then we visit the Jewish quarter or what is called El Mellah; and walk among its traditional streets that are crowded by clothes shops and traditional objects where the visitors will have the opportunity to buy some souvenirs. After that, we visit Jnan Sbil garden to benefit from its fresh air and beautiful sceneries.

Moreover, discover the loveliest Panoramic views from Merini Tower, and finish by visiting an apprentice school of Fes pottery and mosaic; the school that is known the center of arts, crafts, Zellige and everything that is handmade.

Move on, we make an interior walking tour, beginning by the Blue Gate or what is named Bab Boujloud; the best place for you to explore when visiting Fes; it is constructed by the French in 1913. After, we head directly to see the largest and the biggest Tannery in the whole Africa, where workers use just biological and natural colors to produce traditional leathers. Afterward, we walk among Square Nejjarine which is surrounded by wood working barns and the Nejjarine Museum. There is also a fountain designed with an intelligent artistic method, this fountain is in continuous use. Also, visit the Seffarine Square; the place which is known by gorgeous handcraft workers who enjoy innovating different metal and Fekhar objects.

Later on, we finish by discovering one of the oldest universities in the world which is the University of El Quaraouiyin, founded by Fatima El Fihria in 859; the university that is remarked to be one of the most important spiritual and educational Mosques of the Islamic World. In parallel, we move to other schools like Madrassa El Attarine; the ancient Koranic school in Fes; constructed between 1323 and 1325 by Sultan Merinide Abou Said Outman and Madrassa Bouanania; founded by Sultan Abu Inane Faris between 1351 and 1356. This school is known as the perfect example of Marinide architecture.

Fez Medina Full Day Tour Most Important

  • Visit Royal palace.
  • Visit Jewish Quarter.
  • Explore the Blue Gate (Bab Boujoud).
  • Visit Seffarine and Nejjarine square.
  • Visit the biggest Tannery in Africa.
  • The University of El Quaraouiyin and other schools.

Tour Knowledge

  • Everyday availability.
  • Destination: Full Day Fes City Tour.
  • Pickup time: … To….

What’s Included

  • Professional guide, English Speaker.

What’s Not Existed

  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • The entry of the monuments.

Things to Remember

  • In the Old town, the visit is on foot.
  • Try to wear comfortable shoes.