Fez medina is one of the greatest and oldest cities in Morocco; as it is known by its landmarks and monuments and its beautiful architecture manifested in Gates, Mosques, and houses. There are many things to do in Fes. First, the old Medina and the extraordinary place in Fes.

Fez Medina is the interesting one in the world, crowded by Souks (markets); where the visitors can buy Moroccan clothes, shoes, tasty street food and pottery. Fes is known by the University of El Quaraouiyin; one of the oldest universities in the world existed in Fes. It’s a religious school founded by Fatima EL Fihri in 859. And it’s remarked to be one of the most important spiritual and educational universities of the Islamic World.


Fez medina Al Qarawiyin university


Second, the largest and the biggest Tannery in the whole Africa is also deserved to see, where workers use just natural colors, the skin of sheep, cows, camels and goats to produce traditional leathers like shoes, coats, slippers and bags.

Third, Fes Medrassas (schools) are important to visit, like Madrassa EL Attarine; the ancient Koranic school in Fes, constructed between 1323 and 1325 by Sultan Merinide Abou Said Outman and Madrassa EL Bouanania; founded by Sultan Abu Inane Faris between 1351 and 1356. This school is known as the perfect example of Merinide architecture.


Fez medina: Attarine Fez medina : BouAAnania


Fourth, there is the Jewish quarter or what is called El Mellah and walk among its traditional streets that are crowded by clothes, shops and traditional objects where the visitors will have the opportunity to buy some souvenirs.

Sixth, the museum of Borj Nord Arms is the place where weapons of ages and ages exist; weapons of different countries from the period of wars. This museum is a very interested place to visit as it makes you return back centuries ago.


Fez Medina : Borj Nord


Seventh, Jnan Sbil Garden is a large colorful green space with seven tremendous doors. It contains different local flowers, big trees and also chairs to sit. This garden has also a huge space of water (a lake). Actually, it is a lovely place where the visitor feels like he is watching a beautiful painting.
These places are just few of many beautiful places in the Medina of Fes.

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